On Service To His Desire

Social Activity

  • Adult Education Facilities for literacy, numeric and life education are taught regularly in the shelters for the adults. Priority given to education and encourage all adults to be able to at least read and write. Adults who are interested are encouraged to go to formal schools and continue further education.

  • Vocational Trainings We are Arranging facilities for trainings in various skills for Street Children school drop outs Economic Empowerment. Almost 40% of the young adults, above 15 years old who come to the shelters preferred to undergo Vocational Training. Economic sustainability through trainings in Tailoring, Computers, Screen Printing, Carpentry, Cycle & Motor Cycle Mechanism, Mobil repairing, Fabrication etc.

  • Medical/Health Camps We arrange medical camps for rural poor people and destitute children. Medical Doctor Checkups the health conditions of patients and provide free medicines. Incase of serious illness the doctor refers to other hospitals for better treatment. Periodic health camps are conducted in rural village and hilly areas for improve health conditions.

    "I was sick and you looked after me" Mathew 25:36

  • Relief for Riot Victims We involved in the relief programs for riot effected Christians Odisha in 2008. We have experienced severe houses and Churches destroyed burned away and thousands of people lived with out food and shelter for a long time. We provided food and clothing for communal Riot effected people. We have distributed Rice, Blankets Clothes and Kitchen Utensils to Victims.

    "Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor. Give clothes to those who have nothing to wear." Isaiah 58:6-7

  • Widows Care As we are working and moving in the villages to preach the gospel, we saw many widows who are neglected from the society and begging on the streets, some of them are not able to have even one time meals. Now we are able to look after them with possible help by giving clothes, food and free medicines. In the near future we have a Vision/plans to make shelter for them. We are praying to the Almighty Lord to get the required resources from donors/sponsors to continue the ministry.

    "Go into the all the world and preach the good news to all creation" Mark 16:15-16