On Service To His Desire

Director's Testimony

My name is Rt. Rev. Dr. Dillip Kumar Bal. I was born on 21st June 1973 in a traditional Hindu family at a small town called Paralakhemundi of Gajapati District in the state of Orissa (INDIA). Both of my parent are higher –level Government employees. And my younger brother is also a Mechanical Engineer. Our family comprises of we four member only. Since my childhood I used to witness the deep faith and respect to my parents had on the Hindu Gods. Idols, which they are still adhering to.
I grew older as years went by my parent used to stay at separate places due to their official duties. We brother used to stay with either of my parent for our studies.

And as I grew in age knowledge I started to lead my life as per the demands of the society .My relation with my family started weakening as I went on making more friends with people of my age. During the period I use to stay with my mother while continuing my studies. As she had to go out on her official duties very often, she wasn’t aware of the changes taking place in my personal life.
The real dimension to add to the testimony was from 12 years to 20 years. Money was abundant as my parents both occupying high posts in the Govt. service. And the dangerous teen age had no guidance on me though the stage in a delicate one. I was added with dirty habits, over and above and reached to addiction stage of Brown Sugar. So also entangled in the trade. The return were handsome so also my addition life became more and more critical.
God put me to a trial that was unbearable but it was the turning point too. The severe pain in my chest made me hospitalized and when defected these was already a problem in my heart due to heavy drinking. This made my parents closer and attentive while the honeycomb day’s friend fled away. I was nearing death them a Evangelist met me and assured me of recovering provided I believed on Christ. The doctor of doctors. All I needed was to keep faith in him. It was a hard nut to crack since them was a wide gap between worldly life and spiritual life. How ever the quest continued with the support faith of the Pastors and their long fasting and prayer gave me a New life. I sensed the power and faithfulness of Christ. This very inevitable incident made me mingle with Pastor and spiritual life but it was not admitted by my orthodox parents I had to leave home for good trusting on my master and saviour Jesus Christ.

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